About The Serenity Society
The embodiment of holistic transformation

Our Mission

The serenity society helps women with chronic pain, secondary infertility and anxiety to change their lives mind, body and spirit through transformation life coaching and holistic therapies.

You are in the right place if...

  • Love crystals and all things spiritual
  • Love to grow and learn
  • Are fed up with being stuck in a rut
  • Want to improve your confidence levels, learn coping mechanisms for your anxiety and learn to love yourself.
  • You are interesting in holistic therapies and want to learn more with me.
  • You have secondary infertility
  • Interested in transforming your life with some life coaching


About me

I’m Sarah and I’m a mum to my gorgeous miracle son who’s 9 now.  I love crystals and I’m quite spiritual too, which I’m learning to embrace along with holistic therapies.  

I first heard about them at 16 in college and I was instantly attracted to learning more.  I wanted to learn about how to use them to help people but never chased those dreams until now.

I found a way to combine the things I love into my business to help people.

To say I’ve changed is a serious understatement. I was the shy girl.  The girl who would always look at the floor and talk to no-one.  I couldn’t even go to the stop or do the school run alone.  My anxiety was high and my confidence was none-existent.

I knew something had to change but I didn’t know how until I learnt about coaching and personal development. It’s putting into action the things I’ve learnt that helped build my passion for transformation.

You are my purpose because I know that a lot of women who are just like I was out there, stuck and feel like there is no way to turn.  

Let’s be that force that stops the war in our heads. We are the strong! 

Sarah Family Picture Beach
Me and hubby on a day out

Our Manefesto

We are on a mission to transform the mind, body and soul of women everywhere.

We are the embodiment of holistic transformation.

We value honesty, growth and action.

The monsters in our heads will no longer win because we are the force that stops the war.

Our dreams our now our reality

We choose happiness! We want transformation! We are the strong!

Do what set’s your soul on fire.


Sarah Tilsley | Scoliosis of the Spine | Chronic Pain | The Serenity Society

Why The Serenity Society?

I believe that every women as a right to feel amazing, believe in themselves and be confidently living their purpose.

I believe that sometimes we need help to figure all that out because we aren’t born with a manual on what to do.  I’ve noticed that there seems to be a problem in society that tells women that if they think they are beautiful then they are vein and self-centred, but this is simply not true.  Accepting and loving yourself is important for your own well being and happiness.  Once your find your happiness in the now and not the when, then things will begin to chance.

I’m a life coach and practice Reiki.  I’m working on qualifications to enhance my life coaching qualification and add more holistic therapies to my business.  I’m in this for the long term, I’m dedicated to my growth so that I can help you with yours.

Where to find us?

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My Qualifications

Life Purpose Coach
Happiness Coach
Goal Success Coach
Master Coach