Business is an interesting subject to me and it didn’t feel right leaving it out.  In my 2 years in business and 3 years as a blogger I needed a category for it too.


This isn’t my primary use for the blog, so if you are not in business then there will still be plenty of things for you to read and follow.


Why is personal development so important in business? 

Why Personal Development?
Personal development changed my life! This is why it’s so important. If you’d have seen me 2 years ago, you wouldn’t recognise me. I was the most […]

Review: Go for No by Richard Fenton

Go For No: Book Review
Go for No is one of those books that gave me lightbulb moments throughout.  It’s amazing for anybody in the Network Marketing industry.

This post contains an […]

Book Review – S.O.S A business mum’s survival guide for the school holidays by Claire Mitchell

Business mums Survival Guide: review
This was a fantastic book and a must have for any business woman and mother. Do you really want to wing in during another school […]

Review: The 7-Cent Decision by Amber Voight

The 7-Cent Decision
I read this book so quickly. It’s an amazing read and one that I just couldn’t put down.

Amber Voight is an amazing woman who has gone from […]