Reviews of products and books that have helped me along my holistic and spiritual journey.

Book Review: The 5am Club by Michael Lombardi

Getting up Early - The 5 am Club The 5 am Club is all about getting up early, how to get up early the right way and gives us a lot [...]

Review: Go for No by Richard Fenton

Go For No: Book Review Go for No is one of those books that gave me lightbulb moments throughout.  It's amazing for anybody in the Network Marketing industry.   This post contains an [...]

Book Review – S.O.S A business mum’s survival guide for the school holidays by Claire Mitchell

Business mums Survival Guide: review This was a fantastic book and a must have for any business woman and mother. Do you really want to wing in during another school [...]

Review: The 7-Cent Decision by Amber Voight

The 7-Cent Decision I read this book so quickly. It's an amazing read and one that I just couldn't put down.   Amber Voight is an amazing woman who has gone from [...]
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