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The 5 am Club is all about getting up early, how to get up early the right way and gives us a lot of very useful tips to start and end your day properly.



Michael talks about his morning routine and the importance of it in starting your day off properly.  His strategies work well for anyone when starting and ending their days though, no matter what time they get up.  I loved that these things are simple, yet effective in starting and ending your day properly.


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The 5 am Club gives us a few simple morning strategies to get your day started stress-free and working on you rather than your business or life commitments.  This is why getting up before the children is a good idea because it really does help with productivity and to keep your home stress free in the morning.  If you are working on you, your motivation, your mind, body and soul first thing in the morning, then you will be in a better position for a productive day and stress-free morning.


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Routines need not be just for the morning either, Michael gives us a fair few ideas on what to do to make your evening routine run smoothly so that your day starts off with everything done and set out.  Things such as setting out your clothes for the next day and your workout clothes so that you know what you’re wearing.  This helps you to get on with the morning routine without having to rush around finding the things you need too.


Why Should I get up Early?

The book also covers why it helps to get up early and before everyone else in the household does.  I know myself, that putting some of these things in place has made my morning’s so much more productive and stress-free.  I’m not telling you to get up at 5 am, but just earlier than the kids do would be a great start.


My Thoughts

I first read this book and I thought, there is no way I could do these things.  It seemed ridiculous to me to get up early.  I thought I was a night owl and that I didn’t need to get up early to be productive,  I was wrong.

Getting up at 7 am and implementing some of the things in this book has been amazing. I’ve never been so productive and motivated in my life.  I get more work done and have more family time too.  I actually concentrate on them when I am with them.  It’s a fantastic feeling too.  I have most, if not all of my work done by the time it’s family time.  It helps to focus on family and not still have your head in your work when you shouldn’t.

If you are struggling with time to build your business and you are stressed in the morning, this book is for you.  Anyone should read it that is building a business and even if you are not, give it a read anyway.  Some of the things in this book will be perfect for you too.


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Cheers to a happy and stress-free life.  If you want to pick up this book, you can do so using my affiliate (ad) The 5 AM Club .


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Getting up early, being productive and smashing your goals never felt so good. This book has so many tips to get your started on your day the right way.